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Raymond F. LeChase was a true visionary in the Rochester construction community. He took great pride in making personal connections within the industry and did his part to humanize the business. This is a practice that we still follow to this day.

LeChase Legacy

Photo of Ray LeChase Senior & R. Wayne LeCHase

Raymond F. LeChase was born in 1913 to Giacomo and Civita LeChase in Rochester, New York.

LeChase started working as a water boy at the age of 14 for A. Fredericks & Son and rapidly became a superintendent.

He married Rachel Palumbo in 1943, and a son, Raymond Wayne was born a year later. Following Wayne’s birth, the LeChase’s had two daughters: Eleanor and Gloria. Their three children went on to extend the LeChase family to include many beloved grandchildren and great grandchildren.

In 1944, Raymond LeChase founded LeChase Construction Company to fill the demand for local construction work during World War II.

His beginnings as a businessman were modest. He personally drove workers to job sites, while Rachel handled payroll and accounting. The first project for LeChase was a $64 sidewalk for the city which led to more small projects and eventually Mr. Kanty saw a sign up in a local window which prompted him to call and then award LeChase’s first major project, a $90,000 contract, was for Kanty Paper Company, a production center for assembling paper boxes located on Carter Street in Rochester, New York.

In 1967, Raymond LeChase, Inc. was formed following Raymond’s disposition of all interests in LeChase Construction Company. The motivation for forming Raymond LeChase, Inc. was a result of his son Wayne LeChase’s decision to emulate the family’s construction tradition established by his grandfather and father. As a practicing attorney, Wayne proved to be an invaluable asset in the firm’s continuous and progressive growth.

Upon succeeding his father in 1981, Wayne LeChase, a former attorney with LaDuca, Offen & LeChase, oversaw a nine-fold increase in volume in the next six years. This explosion included LeChase Construction’s first project outside Monroe County, a $26.5 million medium security correctional facility in Marcy, New York. The expansion was out of necessity, as the amount of available construction work in Rochester and Monroe County was insufficient to maintain the company’s solid team of managers and tradesmen.

World-class workmanship and exceeding customers’ expectations, along with positive, long-term relationships with customers and employees, has enabled LeChase to manage growth over time.

The company’s greatest asset has always been its employees. LeChase believes that the dedication, interest, loyalty and hard work of key personnel and the “success culture” shared by all members of the company have and will continue to motivate and provide the encouragement necessary to maintain a controlled successful growth. Raymond LeChase built this company on family and a strong set of moral values that have carried on since day one.

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LeChase Construction investments are not restricted to their own operations. They believe in taking responsibility for improving the quality of life in their community.

Raymond LeChase was 95 years old when he passed away at home with his loved ones. He will always be remembered as an honorable businessman, husband, father, grandfather, friend, colleague and community advocate.  From the company’s inception to Raymond’s final days, you could guarantee seeing him on jobsites, visiting with crews, in the office, and making sure that our clients were always getting the best service in the industry.

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