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Safety is priority #1!

At LeChase Construction, we are firmly committed to maintaining the safest possible job sites for our employees, subcontractors, customers and the community at large.

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LeChase Construction’s goal is to be a world-class safety organization, and that is why we constantly strive to improve our safety and accident prevention through safety programs aimed at minimizing risk. In fact, many of our safety programs exceed the current Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards and our safety record outperforms industry Experience Modification Rate (EMR) benchmarks.

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LeChase ensures that every field worker understands safe work practices and procedures. All employees working at our job sites are required to take the OSHA 10–hour course. Additionally, as part of our continuing safety education program, all site employees are required to take a safety orientation course that includes a video and passing a written test every two years.

LeChase formed a risk management committee in 2002 which is designed to form safety policies and institute safety initiatives.  LeChase employs both a Director of Risk Management and a full-time Safety Director.  Regional safety representatives visit job sites regularly to ensure compliance of all safety policies.


Before we begin any project, LeChase examines the project for safety requirements necessary to ensure a safe job site.  LeChase develops a site-specific safety plan for every project.

OSHA requires safety meetings once every 10 days in order to keep employees alert to health and safety issues on the job.  However, LeChase opts to hold these meetings, at a minimum, once a day to ensure that safety is top of mind for everyone in the field.

Safety is our first priority and the foundation of our company’s mission.  LeChase believes that zero accidents are an attainable goal.

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