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Over the past several years LeChase Construction has developed the proprietary Total Building Envelope (TBE) performance process to address a large gap in the commissioning of new and existing buildings. 

Total Building Envelope

LeChase’s TBE performance process provides comprehensive envelope commissioning by verifying the integrity of the envelope through a methodology of design reviews, staged project inspections and performance testing.  This process is a means to control energy, protect the indoor environmental quality, reduce damage from moisture and deliver a superior building.

What is the Total Building Envelope Performance Process?
TBE is a "best practices approach" to testing a building envelope as a system and uses specialized methodologies, apparatus and analysis tools to quantify air leakage, moisture penetration and energy losses for small and large buildings (new and existing).  Beyond the analysis, which includes a detailed report output and images, the LeChase team can recommend solutions to tighten your facility, elimination moisture issues and capture energy savings.

It is likely that your building is the largest single investment your organization will make.  It may also hold your greatest asset, whether that be people or equipment.  LeChase brings assurance to our clients, through the TBE performance process, that the intended energy usage, occupant comfort and indoor environment will not be compromised. 

Services for New Buildings:

  • Design Reviews
  • TBE Project Kickoff
  • Moisture Testing
    • Concrete
    • Walls/Materials
  • Envelope Testing
  • Window and Door Installation Integrity
  • Blower Door Testing (infiltration and exfiltration)
  • Infrared Surveys
  • Envelope Commissioning Documentation

Services for Existing Buildings:

  • Forensic Inspection
    • Energy Audit
      • Moisture Inspection and Testing
      • Blower Door
      • Infiltration and Exfiltration
      • Up to 100,000 SF in a single test
      • Infrared Surveys
      • Digital Borescope Inspection
  • Report Findings
  • Recommended corrective actions
  • ROI and/or Health Risk Assessment (i.e., healthcare facilities)

The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has identified the building envelope as one of the most important factors in designing energy–efficient buildings.  The LeChase TBE performance process effectively addresses the design, construction and commissioning of this vital building system.

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